Risk assessment

Covid-19: APRIL 2021

Club Meetings: Monday 7pm and Thursday at 6.30pm.* Meeting location Black Horse Pub car park, Main Road, Biggin Hill.


Club Meet Location – As a club we originally met at Lookout Café by The Airport and in last few years we have met at Black Horse Pub as it is more central and has facilities we can use in agreement with the Pub Landlord.



Club Run Leaders:

• Simon Turner 07775 558766,

• Helen Harper-Collins 07517 175872

• Dan Bugden 07951 158216

All have completed English Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness



First aid/Safety: Run Leaders to carry phone at all times when leading a group.

Emergency response during the run in serious cases will be a call to Ambulance 999.


Biggin Runways Memberships agreement when joining is as follows:


All members when joining confirm that to the best of their knowledge they are able to participate in physical activity and in submitting the membership form confirm that they have read, understood and completed the form themselves. Confirmation is sought and agreed that any questions have been answered satisfactory. It is agreed on becoming a member that it is understood that each member is responsible for monitoring themselves throughout the exercise programme and that if any unusual symptoms occur, they will cease participation and inform your Run Leader/instructor and your doctor. 

It is agreed that all members will undertake to notify the Run Leader/ instructor at once if there is any change in any condition. Also that each member are aware that physical activity can be hazardous and there is a risk involved. It has been acknowledged that all participation is at each member’s own risk and everyone takes full responsibility of their own actions.


Covid-19 – It is presumed and accepted that every member and participant in group runs are aware of the risks of coronavirus. Reinforcing the above as accepted when joining Biggin Runways, all joining of group runs is at member’s choice and acceptance of risk. By joining in group runs they accept the below risks and will abide by all mitigation measures as noted below and as explained by the Run Leader

*Subject to Covid-19 restrictions currently enforced in our area. 

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